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Finished a scarf for The Mister - it’s been 14 years in the making*.

Starting a Sophie’s Rose shawl next. Haven’t done back-to-back knitting in a while. Feels aimlessly productive!

*The Mister immediately gravitated to the Wall of Noro in the first LYS we wandered in to when I was a baby knitter. I’ve been trying to figure out what to knit for him with that crazy yarn ever since. 

Returning to Brakebills for the Fifth-Year Anniversary



Here’s that essay about Lev Grossman’s The Magicians that I’ve been hinting about. 

The Magicians and The Magician King are two of my very favorite books, and I am so excited for The Magician’s Land in August. 

AAAH I can’t WAIT for Magician’s Land.

HOLD THE PHONE.  A third book?! This is great news!

[Renato Perez’s animal head rings (Bullseye Gallery, Emerge 2014 exhibit)]
.. and then I am reminded why I do what I do*. Faceted bunny ring will be mine (someday)!
*a/k/a Office Monkey for an art supplier

[Renato Perez’s animal head rings (Bullseye Gallery, Emerge 2014 exhibit)]

.. and then I am reminded why I do what I do*. Faceted bunny ring will be mine (someday)!

*a/k/a Office Monkey for an art supplier

肉球マシュマロ CafeCat

Clever, but also a bit unnerving.

(Source: kogyaru, via laughterkey)



Monday we were sent this amazing black book called Calligraffitti about  Niels Shoe Meulman with a preface from John Langdon, wirtten by Adam Eeuwens and published by From here to fame. At first sight it’s clear what the book is about Graffitti and Calligraphy. But combining the two forms is not new but very interesting.

About the book

The book explores the calligraffitti art of Niels Shoe Meulman a calligraphy artist, writer, letterer and calligrapher. The book is arranged in an uniquely simplistic manner and ever spreads present two interacting visuals on its oppositing sites. He started his carreer as a graffitti artist and began designing as a professional graphic desinger than. Contrary to the contemporary norm, his work is presented out of context: logos for such disparate clients as Umbro or Bols Genever Spirits, first written on media from glass to digital to ‘flourescent cardboard’, have been reduced and resized. Like many other typographers he only complains about the big clients always wanting the same style he made, but Niels loves the innovation and so he is bringing Fraktur to modern context. As a member of Europe’s infamous Crime Time Kings who ruled supreme in the 80s and 90s, his works canbe found everywhere in Amsterdams wandering streets

The Eye magazine wrote about him:”While the stark decontextualisation of the words hinders any sense of their varying original scales, it allows the pairings to speak more directly than they otherwise might.”

We can highly recommend this book to everyone loving calligraphy and urban graffitti. Teh mixture betweenboth is a real balancing act, but Niels Shoe Meulman made it happen. Niels designs and typographic works are included in the permanent collections of MOMA San Francisco and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. So when you arein Amsterdam, keep your eyes open!

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